PANYS Students Attend Student Summit!

Democracy Matters Student Summit 2012This past weekend our Student Organizers were invited to attend Democracy Matter’s Annual Student Summit in Albany, NY!  The Summit was a huge success, bringing together over 100 students from across the U.S. to develop strategies for advocacy campaigns, improve their campus organizing skills, and  explore issues of peace, war, and democratic practices.

Our Field Organizer and Program Assistant, Katie Rahill, gave an informative presentation entitled, Connecting the Dots: War, Money and Politics, which explained the federal budget process, military spending, and its effect on human needs. Please email Katie if you would like a copy of this presentation.

Our thanks go out to the staff and crew of Democracy Matters for allowing us to partake in such an exciting and mobilizing event. We look forward to future collaborations toward promoting peace and democracy during this exciting time of student and youth activism!  Democracy Matters is a campus-based non-partisan organizations that works with students nationwide to promote democracy and advocate for public financing in political elections.

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